LAFAME, made up by Fresh Kid Cue, Napoles, mr.Pillz and Huly On The Beat., Four power hitters in the current music scene. Mixing their latin roots with today’s urban movement, together they created a project composed of Salsa remixes of current chart topping hits. They released a salsa rendition of Enrique Iglesias Ft. Gente De Zona’s Grammy Award winning hit “Bailando” in September 2014 which caught the attention of a few major record label A&R’s, Immediately Enrique and Gente De Zona fell in love with LAFAME’s rendition and GDZ quickly jumped in the studio with LAFAME to make the remix official. From then on it was a domino effect, they captured the attention of artist like Nicky Jam, Justin Quiles, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, and Pitbull to name a few, all of which have collaborated with LAFAME. Their live show is a fusion of Dj's with Latin percussion and a Tropical/Urban flavor unlike anything you've experienced before.

Fresh Kid Cue

Position: Singer 
Location: Florida, NY

At the age of 29, Ricardo Quijano, known to most as Fresh Kid Cue, has already established a track record that most in the industry would envy. Raised in Miami, he is recognized for his incredible ability to read any crowd and effortlessly deliver his signature diverse musical style, which is often found blaring through the speakers at South Florida's most exclusive venues.

Huly On The Beat

Position: On The Beat
Location: Florida, FL

Never one to be jammed into a category, Huly stands tall as a progressive producer that ventures into new and exciting territory while staying true to his Latin roots. As a founding member of LA FAME/Universal Music Group.


Location: Florida, FL

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Kevin "Pills" Montavo

Position: Manager 
Location: New York, NY

A thought leader in every sense of the word, Kevin “Pills” Montano began promoting Hispanic DJs since the early ‘90s. Given his vision of the impact that DJs hold on the music industry, Kevin teamed up with his cousin, the late Jason “DJ Threat” Campbell and began to explore the untapped marketing opportunities these musical innovators held.