Huly On The Beat

Position: On The Beat
Location: Florida, FL

Never one to be jammed into a category, Huly stands tall as a progressive producer that ventures into new and exciting territory while staying true to his Latin roots. As a founding member of LA FAME/Universal Music Group.

Huly produces projects that include salsa, merengue, moombathon. Huly also has collaborated on various projects with platinum selling producer Hugo Diaz from the Diaz Brothers production team.

Huly traces his roots back to Communist Cuba, where he was born Julio Rodriguez Mora on May 11th, 1988. At fifteen, Huly was given the blessed opportunity to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he attended the prestigious Las Vegas Academy.

Huly excelled in music production and composition while in attendance. As he honed his craft, local artists began to take notice and recruit him into the underground music scene. Now working with major players in the music industry.

Huly is working in many genres, from salsa and merengue and bachata to house and hip hop and pop. A force to be reckoned with, Huly is scaling the heights of success one hit song at a time. Catching the attention of artists like Enrique Iglesias, Gente de Zona, Nicky Jam, Justin Quiles, Fito Blanko, and Joey Montana, who are all collaborating on the new LA FAME album.

Huly is trailblazing as a producer who dares to not be labelled.